Dedicated to our Kalihiwai Reservoir built in 1920, for a while known as
Drinking Water Reservoir for Kilauea Town, Kaua’i. 
It is an honor to steward such a vessel; its water is a blessing not to be lost.

The Lake Is Calling
Sunset hour.
It’s time to go see her.
A glass of wine with Sufi on his leash we go down our pathway to the lake.
The birds are having their evening chatter in the jungle.
Few chickens now, the songbirds are back.
We get to the gazebo and the light is just changing, reflected on the water.
She is still there in this summer ebb tide, more than I expected in this light.
The lake seems larger than during the day when shared now with the sky’s reflection,
doubled in this fading light.
Lower than I’ve ever seen before, but now the shoreline shapes her differently.
I see the endangered water birds are congregating on the new island,
like coming there for summer vacation.
Seven Hawaiian Coots, maybe more, are gathered for the night.
I can feel how secure they are now, having an island of their own to sleep on,
out here in the wild.
Because of this I will see that island differently in the morning.
This shoreline, these new islands have a beauty all their own.
We are living with this seasonal lake, but I can hear the call.
“Not much lower or my fish and birds may die.
This is the end of summer and new fresh rain will come.
Make sure it gets here from the mountain stream that feeds me.
Pohakuhonu, my Stone Turtle friend who comes down to fill me from the mountains
and Namahana marshlands.
My neighbors have water channels of their own, each one giving from their land
what the plants don’t need.
The songbirds have ended their day’s talk story and are settling in for the night.
You only hear their wings now, resting from flight.
Sky changes colors; lantern lights keep the evening from ending too soon.
All is coming to rest now, no wind, no rain, a still soft summer evening.
I have emptied more than usual so you can see what a precious vessel I am.
We all must empty someday to feel our fullness more completely, more deeply.
It will come again, that fullness, but for now love me as I am.
A bit further away from you so I can come closer into your heart.”

In Grateful Memory of
Earl Louis Simpson

Maggie Lea
23 September 2011 ~ Fall Equinox