We've had 66.6 inches of rain at Mt Waialeale in the last 12 days with March 7th being predicted as the end of our first winter storm of 2012.  It has been a dry start to the year until now, but this series of photos shows how efficiently our flood control/water system is working in each area.  Thanks to Jackie Gushiken who has worked for many years to monitor and manage the Kalihiwai Reservoir water system and to those in the summer of 2011 who helped repair the diversion gates and clear out the intake ditch of large trees and overgrown vegetative debris.

01) Water diverted from Pohakuhonu Stream

02) Water diverted to Kilauea Stream 03) DIversion gates closed to tunnel
04) Ditch to tunnel

05) Inflow gage at tunnel exit

06) Moorhens by pond at exit

07) Spillway from lake

08) Spillway from lake 09) Spillway to Kalihiwai River
10) Spillway to Kalihiwai River

11) Kalihiwai Reservoir Dam

12) Full Pool