Kalihiwai Reservoir built in 1920 is privately owned, not a public facility, that serves the community of Kalihiwai Ridge.  Its water is part of a gravity fed system serving its downstream neighbors in Kilauea on the North shore of the island of Kaua'i. It is listed as a wetland habitat with the USFWS. Of the five endemic endangered Hawaiian waterbirds, three live and breed at lakeside and enjoy the lake year round. Two, the stilt and duck, are currently only visitors.

Reservoir History
It started millions of years ago, of course, with volcanoes doing all the foundational development work. Then the farmers of the mid 1800’s in this area used this land more for cattle than sugar, rice or coffee, but they were aware of times of drought.
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Mt Waialeale, at an elevation of 5,208 feet, had a rain gage installed in 1928 that could measure up to 900 inches of rainfall for the year. Considered one of the top two wettest places on earth we now have yearly averages of 350-400 inches.  
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Endangered Waterbirds
The native Hawaiian waterbirds, the stilt, coot, moorhen, duck, and goose were once abundant throughout the Hawaiian Islands, but due to diminished habitat, predation and a variety of other causes their populations have dwindled severely.
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