MAY 2012

"Adopt the pace of nature:
her secret is patience."

Ralph Waldo Emerson
KRCA Homeowners
Board of Directors Meeting
August 22, 2012
7:00 PM Kilauea Neighborhood Center

Kalihiwai Ridge Homeowners can find official minutes to KRCA meetings by setting up their own account log in at  They can assist you in getting your 7 digit owner number.  After you have that you will then need to set up a user name and password.  You can also set up having the Agenda to these meetings sent to you by email the day before they are held.

My Impressions

Nearly all the same 16 people gather to hear the news of our community and have our questions answered. The first item being our water use easement holders intention to use less water, from 700,000+ gallons a day to a future use of 400,000 gallons a day. There is standing water used for fire suppression and a clarification was made that our Kalihiwai Reservoir water is considered ditch water and goes to service the Mini Golf water falls and tree gardens that don't require potable Ag water charged by the county at a different rate.

As far as road repair the more people who call Ed Renaud at 241-4845 with their concerns the more urgent will be our project and the sooner it will be completed. The Department of Public Works is waiting for FEMA money to come through to know by July 1st when our three areas of storm damage will be renovated. It would be good to see the roads resurfaced as well and I think the last I saw about 10 years ago a yellow line is supposed to go down the middle.

The dam inspection by DLNR resulted in the need for more frequent mowing of the dam so inspectors can see the earth rather than thatch. Using a friendly growth inhibitor may be a solution as bids are received for monthly mowing. The engineers were happy with our spillway clearing and Jack is training Mike from Kilauea to have someone else know how to service the water system when he is unavailable or needs extra help. Our next scheduled on site inspection will be November 2013. In the meantime we are to keep monthly operating and maintenance reports to show compliance. A Dam Operation Seminar will be held on island in July by DLNR to be attended by some on our board and some from our water use easement holders.

From the treasurer's report $68,500 of our operating funds will be put into a Lake Lot Reserve Fund. $29,250 will go to engineering studies, $21,250 for half of the access road repair, and $18,000 for ongoing maintenance. 84% of our homeowners have paid their dues and filing attorney action status seems like the best approach to trigger payment of back HOA dues at close of escrow. Certified Management also needs to notify the Title Companies what properties are delinquent when request is made for our CC&R document, also at close of escrow.

98% of the dog kennel has been completed and a relief will come to all when dog move in day is also accomplished! Until we meet again.

Aloha, Maggie Lea

Suggested Readings:
Water Resources and Climate Change Adaptation in Hawai`i: 2012
Reference:  Commission on Water Resource Management
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Koamalu Volumes 1&2
by Ethel M Damon, 1931
A story of pioneers on Kauai and of what they built in that island garden

Sugar Water by Carol Wilcox 1996
Hawaiian & English definitions from the book:
wai - water, blood, passion, life
wai wai - wealth
pani wai - dam
water - transparent, odorless, tasteless, liquid, H2O

Wetland habitat non-invasive plant suggestions:
bacopa, makaloa, carex, aka 'akai, neke
kupukupu, laua'e


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