"Adopt the pace of nature:
her secret is patience."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

KRCA Board of Directors
Homeowners Meeting

February 22, 2017 from 6:30 – 9:30 pm

Kilauea Neighborhood Center

KRCA has contracted with Hawaiiana Management Company who has a Kalihiwai Ridge website access code of:

Agendas and meeting minutes will be posted on this new site along with all our documents that can now be reviewed by the public.

My Impressions

The lake is still very low.  It hasn't been marginally full since June 2013 when we last saw a natural water flow where water management practices were in place to keep it full.  There are many reasons for this nearly four year delay in coming to a fix and fill solution, which I hope is the direction taken at this April’s KRCA Annual Meeting.

It is time to put this all behind us and get on with our lives so we can all enjoy the healthy fullness of this beautiful lake.  To fish again at shoreline, to go boating at sunrise and sunset, to connect with neighbors in the warmth and friendliness of greeting as we walk the dam to see that reflected Namahana view, while the waterbirds enjoy their healthy freshwater home.  And most important to provide a safe dam and enlarged spillway for those who are living and recreating downstream.

To have the enjoyment of our land returned is no small thing.  
It takes knowing some will benefit more than others to have a full lake again.  The lake lot owners in their very name bought a ‘lake lot’.  The water use easement holders bought hundreds of acres with the understanding they would have continuous ag water to support their investment, even in times of drought.  The Kilauea farmers receiving a promised share of the Kalihiwai Reservoir ag water for their community gardens to irrigate their crops.  The KRCA membership having safe access and use of the lake, while also being acknowledged for their personal investment in repairing the Kalihiwai Reservoir (built in 1920) in order to benefit the greater community for the next 100 year time span.

This restoration and repair of a valuable and irreplaceable community asset is what happens when many sides come together to get something done for a higher purpose than may be realized by all.  

I have never been on the Kapa`a ocean side walking/bike path, but as I drive by I am always thrilled to see so many using it with such pleasure.  I have never taken the Kaua`i Bus, but I love seeing the new Bus Stop shelters along the highway.  Driving to the airport in the dark early morning hours to get the first flight out those new reflector lights on the road keep me alert to stay on my side.  As irritating as it is to get those 2 AM flash flood advisory calls from Civil Defense when I live on high ground, I am happy some may be safer because of their warnings.  

All of these things and more are because we as a society do things for a greater good than our own personal benefit.  And yes, sometimes we even actually do benefit in ways not always as direct as for others.  Such improvements, such restoration and repair are called for in even private infrastructure spending, which is now long overdue.  And yes, I will directly benefit from a full lake compared to the unsafe and unhealthy situation that now exists and has gone on for nearly four years.

Now if only the County and Department of Transportation would resurface our Kahiliholo Road.  That would be something we all could agree on would make it safer for our community living upstream, just as we are potentially going to make it safer for those living downstream by repairing the dam and enlarging the spillway.

Until we meet again.
Maggie Lea

Suggested Readings:
Water Resources and Climate Change Adaptation in Hawai`i: 2012
Reference:  Commission on Water Resource Management
Click here to download PDF file

Koamalu Volumes 1&2
by Ethel M Damon, 1931
A story of pioneers on Kauai and of what they built in that island garden

Sugar Water by Carol Wilcox 1996
Hawaiian & English definitions from the book:
wai - water, blood, passion, life
wai wai - wealth
pani wai - dam
water - transparent, odorless, tasteless, liquid, H2O

Wetland habitat non-invasive plant suggestions:
bacopa, makaloa, carex, aka 'akai, neke
kupukupu, laua'e


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