JUNE 2016

"Adopt the pace of nature:
her secret is patience."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

KRCA Board of Directors
Homeowners Meeting

July 27, 2016 from 6:30 – 9:30 pm

Kilauea Neighborhood Center

KRCA has contracted with Hawaiiana Management Company who has a Kalihiwai Ridge website access code of:

Sunshine Ruiz Hatto is also being contracted to act as the KRCA Recording Secretary.
Agendas and meeting minutes will be posted on this new site along with all our documents that can now be reviewed by the public.

My Impressions

Summer is upon us and the lake continues to be kept low with recreational activities no longer available for the members. The inlets are being mowed and weed whacked by the lake front lot owners with fewer birds coming and going at sunrise and sunset. Not much to do but wait out the years ahead as the KRCA Board of Directors, KRCA membership, and the water use easement holders come to some kind of agreement on how to proceed with a preferred solution for how to manage the Kalihiwai Reservoir going forward. I would think the DLNR would also be more than ready for a time line of how and when to repair the dam and spillway instead of staying in this limbo of an indefinite 10 foot safety drain that basically only benefits the easement holders.

This low level lake also has created safety issues of access to the lake front lots by non KRCA members so that NO TRESPASSING signs have had to be put up at the edge of our private property in order to have police be able to respond to calls regarding trespassing issues. Moe Moku has been dry ‘docked’ at shoreline for a year now and the loss of enjoyment of our land has been significant. Gone are the days of easy access to the lake, great fishing at shoreline, and the neighborly sharing of greetings on and around the lake. Even one of the benches has disappeared from the dam for members to sit and enjoy the Namahana mountain views. Not at all what it used to be these last three years. . .wonder how many more years it will be like this.

Until we meet again.

Maggie Lea

Suggested Readings:
Water Resources and Climate Change Adaptation in Hawai`i: 2012
Reference:  Commission on Water Resource Management
Click here to download PDF file

Koamalu Volumes 1&2
by Ethel M Damon, 1931
A story of pioneers on Kauai and of what they built in that island garden

Sugar Water by Carol Wilcox 1996
Hawaiian & English definitions from the book:
wai - water, blood, passion, life
wai wai - wealth
pani wai - dam
water - transparent, odorless, tasteless, liquid, H2O

Wetland habitat non-invasive plant suggestions:
bacopa, makaloa, carex, aka 'akai, neke
kupukupu, laua'e


Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge

Kauai Forest Birds Recovery Project

Sounds Hawaiian

National Wildlife Federation

Kalihiwai Reservoir is a
Certified Wildlife Habitat

Ducks Unlimited

Fishing Notes

Hawaii Audubon Society

Sierra Club Hawaii

Sufi at the helm of Moe Moku